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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

solar panel bird proofing

Here at Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions, we offer a number of different pest control services, one of those being bird prevention & control and solar panel proofing. We get a lot of calls regarding bird proofing of solar panels. Often pigeons nest underneath solar panels and with that, they bring the mess with their guano, noise and potential damage to property. In the last two weeks alone we have travelled to Mildenhall, Shotley and Clacton to remove pigeons from underneath solar panels and stop them coming back. Pigeon guano can be really damaging to the property if left not to mention very unsightly and smelly and a major hazard to human health. It can also act as a harbourage for a number of different insects which could, in turn, cause a whole load of new pest problems!

bird proofing solar panels

We offer a solar panel bird proofing service whereby we put wire mesh around the edges of the solar panels making it impossible for any birds to get underneath and cause a nuisance. To secure the wire mesh, we use specialist solar panel clips. If required, we can also put spikes in place to stop birds sitting on the ridge or edge of the building and/or netting so they can’t land in areas you don’t want them to. If you have had an ongoing problem and have a lot of guano, we can come and do a cleaning service as well using biocide to remove any traces.

We travel all over Essex and Suffolk covering Stowmarket, Ipswich, Colchester and all of the surrounding towns and villages. Nowhere is out of bounds! Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions have achieved Accredited Membership status of the National Pest Technicians Association. This means that we have proven our credentials by passing a detailed audit of our premises, working practices, equipment and training. We carry public liability insurance and have to undergo regular, ongoing auditing to ensure a continued high level of service.

pigeon guard for solar panels

Below are some photos of a recent solar panel bird proofing job we did on a residential property in Shotley, Suffolk. As you can see we have successfully moved the pigeons on and fitted wire mesh all the way around the solar panels. The customer was really happy with our work and went on to say; “Looks great thanks.  Night and mornings are so quiet it’s fantastic, they are slowly moving and no mess now which is great.”


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Example of Pigeon proofing solar panels in Clacton, Essex

We have just completed another bird proofing job for one of our regular customers, this time in Clacton, Essex. This was a slightly different job for us as this customer actually had bird proofing in place already. Unfortunately, the chosen method in this instance wasn’t working and the birds were still able to land, get under the panels and make a mess. As you can see from the photos below, the old proofing was spikes and brush which hasn’t been effective for this customer.

To rectify the pigeon pest problem, we removed all of the current bird proofing and gave the whole area a really thorough clean with biocide to remove all traces of guano. We then went ahead and fitted wire mesh all the way around the solar panels and secured it in place with our specialist clips. Not only does this look neater and tidier, but it will also be much more effective at keeping pigeons and other birds away.

See the photos below to show the difference it has made. Here are photos before the solar panel bird proofing service:

birds nesting under solar panels pigeon proofing solar panels essex


And here are the photos after the solar panel bird proofing service:


bird proofing solar panels ipswich how to keep pigeons away from solar panels