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Pest Control for Letting Agents in Essex & Suffolk

Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions offers pest control services for rental properties and letting agents in Suffolk and Essex.


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Pest Control for Letting Agents

Our pest control for rental properties expertise is available either on a contract or a one-off basis. Our contract services include a free site audit and recommendations, plus full reports at the end of each visit to your property. Our non-contract services include pest proofing, including bird control, and we can also clear and decontaminate your rental properties.

We are also fully accredited within the industry; we are members of the National Pest Technicians Association and the Contracted Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.

Contact us for more information about our pest control for letting agents services. If you would like to know more about our full range of commercial services.

We can use discreet, unmarked vans, so no one else can see that you have a pest problem, which will protect your reputation.

The Current Legislation

Letting agents have responsibilities under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act of 1949. This means you could be served with a statutory notice if pests at your rental properties are causing problems for tenants or neighbours. Even if it can be shown that the tenant is responsible, for example, due to an unhealthy lifestyle or poor hygiene standards, you could still be required to eradicate the problem before the next occupant moves in.

Letting agents have responsibilities under the Housing Act of 2004 which says that residential premises should provide ‘a safe and healthy environment for any potential occupant or visitor’. Our experienced team are aware of and will comply with all the latest legislation, including any Health and Safety requirements.

Birds and Flying Insects

Birds and other flying insects are often attracted to food, especially in waste disposal areas. Pigeons are a particular menace; they can nest on buildings, and their droppings can spread diseases and parasites as well as looking unsightly.

In the case of pigeons, we can make rental properties bird-proof by proofing with netting or wire mesh.  We can also use spikes or bird gels to deter the nuisance birds.  Droppings and nesting materials can also be removed when necessary.

If you have a problem with large numbers of wasps, then you may have a nest on the rental property; in this case we can destroy it using an insecticidal spray or dust.

Stored Product Insects

This is an issue with commercial rental properties which take in deliveries but can affect domestic kitchens as well. The term SPI covers pests such as beetles, weevils, moths and mites, make their homes on shelves and in cupboards; they can be brought in with the deliveries and lay eggs and larvae which contaminate any stored items.  Foodstuffs, textiles and raw materials such as wood are all vulnerable to SPIs.

We are experts in pest control for rental properties, dealing with all types of SPI, and the approach we take will be individually tailored to fit the nature and severity of your infestation.

011 rat


Rodents can be a problem in both domestic and commercial lets. They gain access to buildings via cracks and crevices in walls, and pipe and cable entry points, so agents with commercial properties need to be particularly careful. Both can cause a lot of damage by chewing through wood and wiring, while rats pose a particular health hazard, as they carry other parasites such as ticks and fleas, and their urine and droppings can spread infection.

Our rodent control for rental properties methods usually involves the use of anticoagulant baits, while we generally make three visits to your property to make sure your mice or rat problem has been totally eradicated.

001 bed bug

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are particularly an issue in rental properties, where there may be a large flow of new tenants over a comparatively short period of time, or a lot of visitors generally, whether they are guests or outside contractors.

They feed on human blood and their bites can itch and irritate the skin. At Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions, our letting agents pest control team can dismantle any infected furniture, deep vacuum any carpets and use high-temperature dry steam and residual insecticide spray to get rid of them.

The premises may have to be vacated for a short period of time while the work is carried out, but you will soon notice the difference. We can also advise you on how to prevent bed bugs from returning.

Our Commercial Services

Highly accredited commercial pest control
services for your business.

Contract Services include:

  • Free site audit and recommendations
  • Bespoke specifications and schedules
  • Free call-outs for pests covered
  • Environmental and risk assessments
  • COSHH assessments and manufacturers’ Safety Data Sheets
  • A fully compliant Site Report Folder
  • Full pest control report at each visit, including details of ongoing monitoring and any recommendations for peace of mind
  • Field Biology Service
  • Trend analysis and reporting
  • Technical support and insect ID
  • Contracts offered to BRC Global Standards

Non-Contract Services:

For one-off problems on an ad hoc basis we can offer:

  • Pest control for letting agents and rental properties
  • Pest proofing for letting agents and rental properties
  • Bird control for letting agents and rental properties – prevention (nets/spikes), humane removal, debris cleaning
  • Decontamination and premises clearance
  • Shipping container fumigation & venting services

We also sell:

Fully Accredited Service Provided

Pest Control for Letting Agents

Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions have achieved Accredited Membership status of the National Pest Technicians Association. This means that we have proven our credentials by passing a detailed audit of our premises, working practices, equipment and training. We carry public liability insurance and have to undergo regular, ongoing auditing to ensure a continued high level of service.

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Pest Control in Essex & Suffolk

We offer our professional pest control services in the following locations: Ipswich, Lowestoft, Felixstowe, Woodbridge, Framlingham, Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Colchester, Manningtree, Harwich, Romford, Southend-on-Sea, Brentwood, Clacton-on-sea, Maldon, Chelmsford, Basildon, Witham, Rochford, Billericay, Tendring, Ilford and Braintree. Work further afield in Essex and Suffolk may also be considered. Contact our professional pest control team for more information.

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