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CCTV Drainage Surveys in Essex and Suffolk: Rat Pest Control

Keep rodent infestations at bay with Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions’ CCTV drainage survey service.


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CCTV Drainage Surveys in Essex and Suffolk: Rat Pest Control

Keep rodent infestations at bay with Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions’ CCTV drainage survey service.

However hidden, damaged drainage systems leave homes and businesses across the UK open to the threat of pipe-dwelling pests – risking property, possessions, and health. Making the perfect habitat and hiding place; drains, pipes, and sewers can both harbour rats, and provide an entry point to buildings themselves – especially when damaged.

Are you facing a suspected rat infestation? Whether you have seen rats inside your property, or are living with the telltale signs, our CCTV surveying services can help – as if rat infestations are recurring, it is often the result of a faulty drainage system.

Combining specialist equipment with their extensive knowledge of rodent behaviour, our expert drain inspectors use cameras to examine all accessible areas of your drainage system from above, identifying entry points and problems before making precise suggestions for resolution.

Our CCTV Drainage Pest Control Services

Connecting underground networks and sewers directly to properties and food sources, drains make the perfect home for rats. Even a single point of damage can lead to an infestation – meaning pinpointing the source of rodents can be tricky, especially from above. Our CCTV drainage surveys, designed and conducted by pest control experts, help identify root causes as quickly and precisely as possible – giving you the knowledge you need to eradicate the issue.

Domestic CCTV Drainage Surveys

A rat infestation stemming from your domestic drainage system can pose a significant threat to both the safety of your home, and the health of those within it. Protect your family’s well-being by identifying the source of your rodent problem with us. Our CCTV survey specialists can conduct a full overview of your home drainage system, confirming the presence of pests, listing potential entry points in map format, and making expert recommendations for improvement.

Commercial and Industrial CCTV Drainage Surveys

When it comes to business, pests can be hugely destructive – not just to property and stock, but also to operations and reputation. If you suspect an infestation, our commercial CCTV drainage surveyors can find and remediate the source of your rodent problem, or confirm the presence of rats safely, quickly, and discreetly. Simply reach out to get the ball rolling, and Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions will access your premises’ drainage system, providing an in-depth documented survey in line with all industry regulations.

How A CCTV Drainage Survey Could Help You

An expert CCTV survey is one of the best possible ways to secure your property from further damage – working on insight rather than assumption. Our specialists could help you:

  • Identify the source of pest problems
  • Maintain the safety of your property
  • Prevent drain collapse
  • Ensure the health of your building’s inhabitants
  • Protect the reputation of your business
  • Adhere to health and safety regulations
  • Counteract future infestations

Why Choose Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions?

Family-run from our first day of operation, Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions are proud to provide customers from Grays to Lowestoft and beyond with an exceptional level of domestic and commercial pest control services at competitive prices. Our friendly pest control experts promise:

Free Telephone Consultation

Infestations can often be more complex than meets the eye. In order to ensure our experts are fully informed and equipped, we offer free, no-obligation telephone consultations, advice, and quotes.

Rapid Response Time

Dealing with pest problems as quickly and effectively as possible is key to protecting your health and property. Our local experts are ready for dispatch within Essex and Suffolk.

Maximum Discretion

Our unmarked vehicles are designed to help us provide the most discreet service possible, ensuring complete confidentiality.

Extensive Knowledge

When it comes to drainage surveyance, knowledge of rodent behaviour is key to identifying the source of infestations. Our team of qualified pest control technicians have the expertise needed to protect your property.

Qualified Service

Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions are fully accredited, qualified, and insured for your peace of mind (NPTA, CHAS, SafeContractor).

Adherence to Regulations

Rules, regulations, and paperwork are a vital part of our pest control and surveying services – particularly for commercial and industrial cases. We are able to provide all necessary forms and reports.

First-Class Service

Our five-star google rating and countless positive customer testimonials speak volumes about our effective, discreet, and competitive services.

Competitive, Fair, and Honest Pricing

We pride ourselves on providing locally competitive pricing on a fair basis – offering free, no-obligation telephone consultations, advice, and quotes.

No Hard Sales

Pressurised sales do not align with the values of our local family-owned business. We will never push you into making a decision, and will always ensure you are fully informed.

Fully Accredited Pest Controllers

Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions have achieved Accredited Membership status of the National Pest Technicians Association. This means that we have proven our credentials by passing a detailed audit of our premises, working practices, equipment and training. We carry public liability insurance and have to undergo regular, ongoing auditing to ensure a continued high level of service.

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Post-Survey Pest Control

Our CCTV drainage survey service is designed to help homeowners and businesses take informed action against infestations. After completing observations of your system, our on-site specialists will guide you through the next steps – whether this involves the installation of rat-stopping valves then and there, or contacting one of our trusted partners in drainage repair.

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Pest Control in Essex & Suffolk

We offer our professional pest control services in the following locations: Ipswich, Lowestoft, Felixstowe, Woodbridge, Framlingham, Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Colchester, Manningtree, Harwich, Romford, Southend-on-Sea, Brentwood, Clacton-on-sea, Maldon, Chelmsford, Basildon, Witham, Rochford, Billericay, Tendring, Ilford and Braintree. Work further afield in Essex and Suffolk may also be considered. Contact our professional pest control team for more information.

  • A fast response and friendly, personal service from a local company
  • An effective solution
  • No pushy sales techniques
  • A competitive price


Wasp Control Colchester
Domestic Pest Control Customer from Holbrook

I recently had a serious and potentially dangerous issue with wasps. I called Essex & Suffolk Solutions firstly for pest control advice and then followed it up with a call out. It was handled very quickly and supportively, which I appreciated because I was rather stressed about it. Amy and Mandie were really sweet and understanding on the phone. Nick was also very understanding when the location of the wasps was difficult to get too. The cost of the call-out was very reasonable and I cannot praise this pest control company enough. They all put me at ease. I highly recommend that if you have an issue with any type of pest, give Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions a call. You will be very pleased you did. It really is worth the peace of mind.

rat control epping essex
Domestic Pest Control Customer from Ipswich

We had rodents in our garage. Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions turned up on the same morning that we had reported it. Very helpful and professional in their approach to the pest problem, which immediately puts you at ease. Wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

rat control maldon essex
Commercial Pest Control Customer from Ipswich

I work for a large housing association and whenever I can I use Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions. Their quotes are always very competitive and their service is always spot on. Nick always goes above and beyond and solves the pest issues whether it’s rodents, fleas, wasps or whatever. They keep you informed every step of the way and I would highly recommend them to anyone with any sort of pest problems. A* service every time.

Mole Pest Control & Mole Removal Essex
Domestic Pest Control Customer from Ipswich

We had a severe mole infestation in our garden in Kesgrave, near Ipswich, Suffolk. Molehills everywhere ruining my lovely lawn and causing a hazard when my young boys wanted to play football. I rang Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions and was given clear advice and details of how the treatment would proceed. Nick was so confident that he could solve our problem that he was able to guarantee the work for me. Using traps Nick cleared our infestation promptly and efficiently with no disruption to our busy family life. His knowledge was exceptional and he kept me informed throughout the process. I would not hesitate to use Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions for any other pest problems I might have in future.

Pigeon Control Colchester
Commercial Pest Control Customer from Ipswich

I am a landlord of a commercial property in Ipswich town centre which was suffering with a pigeon problem.  I called Essex &  Suffolk Pest Solutions, who provided a fast, efficient and professional service at a good price.  They thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the whole area, including the gutters and floor area below, and removed all the waste from site.  Netting and spikes were then installed to prevent future problems.  I was delighted with the results and would definitely use Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions again and would also recommend their services to anybody else requiring bird-proofing work or help with bird control.  A first-class and friendly service.

Business Pest Control Brentwood
Commercial Pest Control Customer from Essex

Absolutely fantastic pest control company and I echo what other people have said that family business just seems to offer so much better service. We used them twice (for 2 different issues) after someone recommended them to a friend via Instagram. The people at the office were an absolute pleasure to deal with, so polite and helpful and the guys that came out to do the work turned up exactly as they promised, carried the work out to get rid of the wasps we had and the treatment worked perfectly. I would highly recommend pest solutions to anyone, we would never use anyone else now, literally the closest thing I have seen so far to a perfect company.

Carpet Moths Infestation
Domestic Pest Control Customer from Nacton

You have every reason to be proud of the service you provide. Carpet moth infestation is an unsettling, worrying and anxious situation and Ricky took the trauma out of it. He went out of his way, over and above the call of duty, to fit in with my timetable! I was very pleased to express my complete satisfaction with your pest control service. The procedure was explained very thoroughly, including the health and safety aspect. Ricky was very professional, efficient and clearly took pride in eradicating the source of the problem. I left my house in his care with great confidence and returned convinced that I was not sharing my home with carpet eaters any more. Thank you and many, many thanks to Ricky.

pigeon removal colchester essex
Bird Proofing Solar Panels in Essex

Very efficient. Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions inspected the property carefully prior to giving me a quotation for making my solar panels bird-proof. Now I no longer supply heated accommodation for the local pigeons. The men who applied the grilles around the panels knew exactly what they were doing. I was really envious of their scaffolding! They came when they said they would come. They answered any question which I and my wife raised. I cannot fault their work.

Spider Control Ipswich
Commercial Pest Control Customer from Essex

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys for doing such a great job today, Ricky was great and very professional on-site. I would certainly come back should I have the requirement again and I would also recommend you to anyone as well. Thanks.

rat pest control in essex & suffolk
Lettings Agency from Woodbridge

Whether our pest control emergency had wings, feathers or fur we have always found Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions resolve it quickly with minimal fuss.  Distressed clients with rats in residence or their carpet unexpectedly alive with fleas are reassured by the calm, a matter of fact manner the situation is brought under control.  Their helpful advice about how soon a family can sleep in their house, if fleas will be hatching and biting again or ideas to prevent wasps nesting is always welcome.  Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions offer excellent service and value for money from the telephone enquiry to aftercare service.

CCTV Drainage Survey FAQs

Can rats come up drains?

Rats have a strong association with drains and sewers for a reason - and can indeed come up through them. Providing a dark, safe environment, these underground networks often act as both a home and movement hub for rodents.

Rats in particular are common within drain systems as a result of their connection to homes and businesses with food sources. They most often enter domestic and commercial drains during their movement along sewer lines. Should they smell food at, for example, a home or restaurant, rats are able to climb into holes and cracks - travelling up into individual systems and buildings where faults are present.

How to get rid of sewage rats?

Sewage rats often enter drainage systems and properties through damage and gaps within plumbing, piping, and drains themselves. Getting rid of them can be an arduous task, so hiring an experienced pest control team is vital.

If you have noticed rats inside your property, a drainage survey is often the best port of call - providing a clear overview of potential entry points. This service involves the inspection of your drainage system with a camera - pinpointing damage and gapping likely to act as an entry point.

After discovering the source of the infestation, our team may make a number of preventative recommendations, including (but not limited to) drainage system repairs (involving the closure of unused pipes, rodent mesh, and rat stop valves), and targeted cleaning. They are also able to eliminate the existing infestation using traditional pest control methods.

Do you have a drainage rat issue? Contact Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions for a free telephone consultation and quote today.

How do rats enter homes?

Rats can enter homes and commercial properties in a number of ways, including via:

Structural damage: any openings within the structure of your property itself may provide an opening for opportunistic rats. Skilful climbers, rats are able to enter through even awkwardly positioned points of damage - meaning it is important to block holes over half an inch in size.

Drain and pipe damage: rats are known to enter buildings through pipes and drainage, making systems with damage an easy target. In addition to this, rats are attracted to water - meaning properties with leaks are particularly vulnerable.

Overhanging shrubbery and access points: buildings with close-hanging foliage and access points including walls and telephone poles are left open to rats thanks to their strong climbing abilities. Be sure to cut back anything able to assist rodents in entering the property.

Open doors - the most obvious entry point, open doors and windows provide the perfect, simple opportunity for rodents to enter your building.

How do you tell if there are rats in your home?

With rats being most active at night, it is often easier to identify the signs of a rat infestation rather than the animals themselves. Our pest control experts recommend looking out for the following:

Concentrations of small brown droppings about half an inch in size along skirting boards, near sinks, or in cupboards with food.

‘Rubbing marks’, or concentrations of grease and dirt left on routes with high rat foot traffic.

Small tracks or footprints.

Gnaw marks on food packaging and non-edible objects including wood.

Scratching or gnawing noises, often heard within walls, particularly at night.

‘Nests’ constructed from materials including fabric scraps, dried plant matter, and paper.

Holes dug near outdoor drain covers.

An unpleasant, ammonia-like smell (rodent urine).

If you have an active rat infestation and are unable to identify its source - it is highly likely that there are entry points or nests within your drainage system.

Why do I have rats?

Rats enter both domestic and commercial buildings without discrimination for three primary reasons - food, water, and shelter. Should your home or building offer any kind of food - including both that in your kitchen, and other sources such as pet food in bowls, rats are likely to be attracted to it, approaching either from outdoors (gnawing their way in), or picking up scents from within drainage systems and working their way up. One of the best ways to prevent their presence is to make food sources as inaccessible as possible - locking rubbish within secure bins, keeping food such as grains and cereals within plastic tubs, and ensuring all food is cleaned up after cooking and eating.

In addition to this, rats are attracted to water - meaning an indoor source such as a leak or pet water bowl could quickly become problematic. Ensure your water sources are as secure as your food.

Prevention can also come in the form of securing your property itself. Fixing any structural damage to your building and drainage system can keep rodents out in the long term.

How much does a CCTV drain survey cost?

The costs of CCTV drain surveys can vary across the UK according to location, the complexity of your drainage system, your chosen provider, and the purpose of the service - for example, an investigation into drainage effectiveness vs into an infestation. As a result of this variation, our team are unable to provide an exact figure as to how much your CCTV drainage survey will cost - but can offer estimations over the phone.

For a free telephone CCTV drain survey consultation and quote for pest control in Essex and Suffolk, contact us using the form above, or reach out over the phone. Our experts will be happy to help establish a price.

How long does a CCTV drain survey take?

The length of time your CCTV drainage survey will take depends on the complexity of your system - including the length and diameter of the drains themselves, alongside their position and accessibility level.

At Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions, we endeavour to complete surveys of small drainage systems within approximately two hours, however, larger systems will most likely take more time. In order to receive a more accurate estimation of your service length, we recommend contacting our team for a free, no-obligation telephone consultation and quote, during which we will explore your circumstances and requirements.

What is a CCTV drainage survey

CCTV drainage survey services are used to see the inner workings of drainage and sewerage systems within two main contexts - drainage functionality and pest control via damage identification.

During a CCTV drainage survey, a specialist team will feed a camera into the drain system, navigating all points of importance including joints whilst a live feed of their progress is displayed on a screen above ground. Said experts will analyse the condition of the system in their findings - for example, in the case of a pest control job, pinpointing damage and entry points likely contributing to infestations.

Post-analysis, a full survey report will be produced, with recommended next steps for remedial and preventive action listed.

How does a CCTV drain survey work

CCTV drain surveys aim to give both property owners and hired specialists literal insight into the condition and workings of drain systems. They may be used both domestically and commercially. In the case of Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions, these inspections are used to identify damage and entry points used by rodents and other pests.

Throughout the service, a team of experts will feed a specially designed camera into the drainage system, working remotely from above to navigate all accessible areas of the pipework and connections in order to spot gaps, openings, and potentially unsafe structural conditions. The imagery captured by the camera is fed live to a screen monitored by said experts, who will list their findings and recommendations in a comprehensive survey report.

Do rats live in drains?

Drains are one of many well-known rat habitats. Providing a moist, dark, and safe environment, alongside connections to heated homes and buildings with food sources, these systems are one of the most popular residences for rodents in general. Rats in particular are known for their ability to enter buildings through drains and sewers - using their strong swimming and climbing abilities to navigate through miles of tunnels and pipework up into bathrooms, kitchens, and gardens.

Do you have a drainage rat issue? Our CCTV drainage surveys could help identify its source. Contact Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions for a free telephone consultation and quote today.