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Essex and Suffolk Pest Control sell fly killer units as part of a wide range of pest control solutions for domestic, commercial and agricultural premises. Our commercial pest control services includes fly extermination and we provide and service killer fly units supplied by Brandenburg.

Our commercial fly killer units include electric grid, glue board and decorative units as well as free standing, wall hanging and ceiling suspension fly zappers for all types of businesses such as restaurants, pubs, factories, supermarkets, food preparation outlets and warehouses. Whatever your requirements our experienced staff can discuss the options to find the right fly killer unit for your business.

Fly Killer Units – contact us now for friendly and effective assistance.

Why the fly is a Pest?

A fly spreads disease and bacteria which presents a problem to many businesses, particularly a food outlet. They pose a danger to public health as they feast on things that rot and decay and lay their eggs in garbage, bins, faeces and decomposing flesh. Their indiscriminate feeding habits mean they can pick up nasty bacteria and transfer it to meal preparation surfaces or foodstuffs. They contaminate surfaces by releasing saliva before they eat and also by rubbing their legs together to clean themselves, which can drop particles gathered from their bristles.

Flies can spread dozens of different diseases including salmonella, tuberculosis, cholera and dysentery which is why commercial fly killer units are so important. Used in all types of businesses, including cafés, pubs and department stores, they play a vital role in keeping the fly population under control. Fly killer units zap all types of flying insects including the common house fly, green bottles and fruit flies.

Controlling Flies with a Fly Killer Unit

An effective way to control flies is by installing a commercially available fly killer unit. These come in two forms, an electric fly zapper or a glue board, but both work by using a light source to attract the insect before it is killed. Fly killer units kill flies as well as other flying insects such as wasps etc but do not work as well for biting insects such as gnats, midges and mosquitoes as these are generally not attracted to the UV light. There are also external fly killer traps available which attract the insect through smell instead of light and are ideal for outdoor businesses such as recycling companies.

Types of Fly Killer Units

Essex and Suffolk Pest Control sell wall hanging, ceiling and free standing fly killer units for small or large premises including kitchens, factories, hotels, schools, care homes and food outlets. We also have decorative fly killer units in discreet and contemporary designs for front of house use in restaurants, shops and bars. Here we shall look at the three main types of fly killer units: electric grid, glue board and decorative.

Electric Grid Fly Killer Units

Electric grid fly killer units use a light source to attract the flying insect to a high voltage grid where they are electrocuted. The unit makes a ‘zapping’ sound as the fly is killed and the dead insect then falls into a tray at the bottom of the unit called a ‘catch tray’. These are generally not recommended for use in food preparation areas because the insect may break into fragments when it is electrocuted. Instead, they are usually more suited to large industrial units such as warehouses and supermarket storage areas. These are places where food is covered but there is a door to outside which can attract large amounts of flies as people enter and leave the building.

The BT and Liberator Fly Killer Units (high voltage) are popular electric grid fly killer units for use in industrial environments, away from food preparation areas.

The Genus Liberator Fly Killer is available in glue board or electric form and has four lamps that emit a high UV output which is very effective for attracting flying insects. Choose from a wall mounted or ceiling suspended option and there is also a splash and jet proof preference for high risk areas.

The hard-wearing BT Fly killer is great value for money and is a recommended choice for factories and big industrial units. It has three Electrosect lamps which attract high volumes of flies, even in multi-light areas. Choose from wall mounted or ceiling suspended options.

For smaller units, The Viper II is available in a glue board or electric option and offers safe and effective insect control.

Glue Board Fly Killer Units

Glue board fly killer units and insect traps attract the fly using a strong light source. The unit contains a strong adhesive board which the fly sticks to on contact. It is often the preferred method of fly control recommended by environmental health inspectors because there is no insect debris, instead the fly stays trapped on the glue-board until it is washed or replaced.

Other advantages of glue board fly killer units is that they are silent as they do not make a zapping sound when the fly comes into contact with the board. This makes them much more discreet. They are most suitable for restaurants, hotels and food preparation areas and small businesses not affected by a large number of flies or insects.

Our most popular glue board seller is the Genus Cobra which can be used in many situations and is especially recommended for food preparation areas. It features translucent technology which means the light can shine from all sides of the unit to attract flies from a wider area. It is very effective at catching flying insects, more so than some other leading competitors, and can be used in public or working areas. The Genus Cobra can also be used for smaller fly species such as fruit flies.

The Viper II and the Genus Liberator available from Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions also has a glue board option.

Decorative Units

Discreet and contemporary in design, decorative fly killer units are most suited to public areas (front of house) such as cafés, bars, retail establishments, reception areas, hotel lobbies, care homes and restaurants. The main benefit is that these are stylish as well as functional and in addition to killing flies, provide an attractive glow for background lighting.

The Eclipse Fly Killer Unit works silently to attract flying insects using new 30 W ‘light blades’ technology to maximise UVA visibility. It comes in a black, white or aluminium style to suit all types of décor.

Brandenburg Products

Brandenburg is the leading manufacturer of fly killer units and designs innovative products to combat flying insects. They use in-house designers to produce hi-tech insect zappers which are effective in a host of different environments.

Another appeal of Brandenburg products is that they offer a one year guarantee as standard but this can be extended to either three (Viper and Eclipse) or five years (Cobra, Liberator, BT) when serviced by us using Brandenburg approved products.


Essex and Suffolk Pest Control sell and maintain fly killer units. We offer quarterly maintenance and servicing which includes a full-service, annual bulb change, change of glue boards and cleaning.

Bulbs must be changed annually, as the UV light effectiveness decreases over the course of a year, so this needs a new bulb ideally in spring before the weather gets warmer and the number of insects increases.

Regular servicing will keep your fly killer units efficient and effective all year round.

Fly Killer Units – contact us now for friendly and effective assistance.

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