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History of Bed Bugs

History of Bed Bugs

While reading through the latest issue of ‘Pest’ magazine, I stumbled across a very interesting article about the history of bed bugs.

It has long been thought that bed bugs were first hosted by bats and they fed off their blood. This would mean they originated around 50 – 60 million years ago.

However, a team of scientists have found that bed bugs actually go back as far as the Jurassic era so they have been around since the dinosaurs – over 100 million years. Maybe that explains why they are such a pain to get rid of! But they don’t stand a chance against our Bedbug Pest Control techniques!

‘The team spent 15 years collecting samples for DNA testing from wild sites and museums around the world and have now discovered that the evolutionary history of bed bugs is far more complex than previously thought. More research is needed to find out what their host was at that time, although current understanding suggests it is likely they fed off the blood of dinosaurs.’

You can find the article by going to the Pest website – – Issue 64

History of Bed Bugs

If you have bed bugs in your home or business, we can provide our professional Bedbug Control pest control service, using an insecticidal treatment to get rid of them from your property.

To treat bedbugs, we usually visit 3 times approximately 2-3 weeks apart. Bed bugs can live in the most unlikely places – not just in your bed. They get into plug sockets, carpets, furniture and in any small crack or crevice. We always treat the whole house when bed bugs are present as they will travel through all of the rooms so it would be ineffective to just treat the bedroom/room you think is affected. We can steam treat the worst affected areas to kill the majority of live bed bugs and any eggs and follow that by spraying our specialist insecticide.

The life cycle of the bed bug means they could re-infest your property if all of the pest control preparation and treatments are not carried out. The product we use is residual and therefore will keep working for a number of weeks after we have treated – killing off any bed bugs that may have been hiding!

Contrary to popular belief, having bed bugs doesn’t mean you are dirty. One of the most common reasons for getting bed bugs is staying in hotels that are infested. Many of our customers return home from holiday not realizing they have brought back some little friends in their suitcase. All it takes is for you to bring a couple of bed bugs home and before long you will be infested.

If you see bed bugs in your home or business, don’t leave them, call Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions to ensure the situation doesn’t get worse. We have provided our pest control services throughout Essex and Suffolk for over a decade and have a plethora very happy customers. Check out our Testimonials page to see our domestic pest control and commercial pest control client reviews.