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Pest Control Essex

Domestic Pest Control Services in Essex

If you are looking for domestic pest control in Essex, you will want a company you can rely on – and one that offers a discreet service as and when required.

Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions is a well-established regional company with an excellent reputation for a friendly and effective service, making us the ideal choice for households and residents in Essex. With pest control experts based across Essex, we have many years’ experience offering professional pest control services, and our customers benefit from the local knowledge of our highly trained team of staff.

Whether you want pest control in Colchester, Harwich, Clacton, Braintree, Chelmsford, Basildon, Witham and Manningtree – or any other area in Essex – you can be assured of a prompt, efficient and personal service.

Contact Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions today for a domestic pest control company in Essex you can depend on.

Commercial Pest Control Essex

Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions offer a comprehensive range of commercial pest control and pest eradication services to public and private companies, clubs and organisations. We work with hospitals, health clinics, sheltered housing, care homes, food and catering industries, factories, shops, sport and leisure clubs, warehouses, agricultural organisations, haulage companies and supermarkets – throughout Essex, UK.

At Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions we know all too well the damage caused by pests and the potential harm it can cause to a business. We, therefore, support businesses in keeping their premises pest and vermin-free, with a range of swift and reliable commercial pest control services in Essex.

We can offer:
  • Unmarked vehicles on request for confidentiality and ultimate peace of mind.
  • Fast response times, usually within 48 hours for non-urgent services
  • Same day emergency commercial pest control for more urgent cases.

We also work alongside and forge relationships with organisations who may either benefit from our services or have clients who may need pest control. These include gardening and landscaping companies, property management companies, letting agents, self-catering holiday companies, surveyors and valuers and housing associations.

Our experienced staff offer discreet and reliable commercial pest control and are on hand seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to tackle pests and prevent any further infestation.

Contact us now for a free confidential quotation and to find out more about our commercial pest control services in Essex.

About Our Commercial Pest Control Services in Essex

Our complete range of commercial pest control services includes control and prevention of cockroaches, mice and rats, nuisance birds, insects, bed bugs, beetles, flies and flying insects, wasps, hornets, ants, biting insects (such as fleas, mosquitoes and gnats), moles and squirrels and moths. We also tackle woodlice, earwigs, silverfish and firebrats, millipedes, centipedes, spiders and crickets.

We offer one-off commercial pest control services as well as regular service visits for monitoring, pest prevention and eradication. We provide proofing to prevent access by pests, trapping and humane removal of pests – with humane culling only as a last resort.

Also available to commercial organisations is our specialist cleaning service which includes decontamination, clearing of premises and debris cleaning.

To assist in the prevention, we sell specialist commercial pest control equipment such as fly killer units, fly screens and monitoring devices to supermarkets, restaurants, factories and food outlets.

One-Off Commercial Pest Control Services in Essex

The most common call-outs we receive are to treat wasp nests, mice and rats, insect infestations, moth infestations, bed-bugs, moles, pigeons/birds and cockroaches. Our aim is to quickly eliminate the infestation and clean and repair any damage caused to avoid any business downtime.

Among our experienced team of staff are field biologists who provide detailed examinations and analysis of your food premises and identify any pest risks. We also have abseilers trained to pest-proof buildings, for example introducing netting or spiking to prevent pigeons or gulls.

To book a technician for pest control or prevention, contact us for a quote. Some jobs require a no-obligation survey to accurately quote for the work required, in other cases, quotes can be supplied over the phone.

Pest Prevention Contracts

Our commercial pest prevention contracts include regular visits for monitoring, prevention and eradication. We provide a minimum of eight visits a year, but more if required. One of the many benefits of this service is that we provide free emergency call-outs for all pests covered on the contract.

Commercial pest control contracts generally cover rats, mice and insect detection, but other pests can be included if there is persistent re-infestation (such as recurring wasps nests). For each new customer our friendly, qualified staff carry out a free pest review survey. The survey covers all premises the customer wishes to include on the contract and will often include taking relevant photographs. On completion of the survey, we submit a full report and quotations as well as photographs, if applicable.

The price of commercial contract work varies according to the site size, ease of accessibility, type of business, the type of pests involved and the time required to complete the work. All our work follows strict health and safety guidelines. We also offer a Premier Service for food businesses, which includes the involvement of specialist staff such as field biologists.

Each new client receives a free site report folder (one for each site). This will include risk assessments, COSHH assessments, a site plan with the location of all the pest control points, a record of all the materials used on the site and copies of the relevant Materials Safety Data Sheets. The report will also outline details of ongoing monitoring and any recommendations.

Customers will receive all the relevant paperwork for health and safety or insurance purposes. Contract work can also be offered to residential clients, if needed, such as company directors’ homes.

Multi-Site Pest Control Servicing

Our commercial contract work encompasses businesses with more than one site in and around the Essex and Suffolk area but can include London and East Anglia for multi-site work.

As accredited members of the National Pest Technicians’ Association (NPTA) we can liaise with other members to accommodate multi-site serving beyond our usual areas. This will enable you to have all the benefits associated with multi-site servicing such as a single point of contact, centralised invoicing and record-keeping, consolidated reporting, quality control and a tailor-made programme of pest control and prevention for the entire organisation.

Pest Control Essex – Our Locations

Pest Control in Basildon, Essex

With a population of 100,000, Basildon is one of the most heavily populated towns in Essex. As a result, it has some excellent facilities including the Eastgate Shopping Centre and Westgate Shopping Park, as well as an outdoor market, several restaurants, bars and coffee houses.

Pubs and food outlets can attract a variety of pests including wasps, ants, rodents, German cockroaches, flies and flour moths. Our experts know how vital it is for businesses to keep insects and vermin in check, and in addition to offering preventative advice, we work quickly to bring pests under control.

Pest Control Basildon – Click here to find out more about pest prevention and elimination services in Essex.

Pest Control in Harwich, Essex

Harwich is a relatively small town (population 15,500) with a long maritime history. It is well-known for its port and one of the specialist services we offer in the region is the fumigation and venting of cargo containers. This is designed to prevent contamination or the spread of diseases before products – such as foodstuffs, furniture and timber – reach their destination in the UK.

Pest Control Harwich – Click here to find out more information on pest control services at ports in Suffolk, Essex and London.

Pest Control in Colchester, Essex

A regional company with technicians based in the Colchester area, Essex and Suffolk Pest Control receive frequent callouts to homes and businesses to tackle a host of pests including wasp nests, rodents, rabbit infestations and fleas.

Recent testimonials from customers in Colchester have praised our prompt, efficient and professional service, and congratulated us for keeping them informed at every stage of the process.

Essex & Suffolk Pest Control Solutions offer pest control services in Colchester for a host of organisations including educational facilities, the health industry, recreational grounds, office blocks, and accommodation providers.

Pest Control in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

Also known as ‘London by the Sea’, Clacton has been a tourist destination since the 1800s and still has frequent visitors in summer. As a resort town with a population of 53,000, it has many restaurants, hotels, caravan parks and leisure facilities. Its close proximity to the sea means that gulls can be a huge problem in the area.

Pest Control Clacton – Click here to find out more about cost-effective pest control and eradication services in Clacton.

Pest Control in Braintree, Essex

Braintree, which has a similar-sized population to Clacton, is perhaps best known for is its designer outlet village, Freeport Shopping Centre, with its shops, restaurants, multiplex cinema and bowling alley.

A lively town, it also has several town-centre bars and pubs…and as pest control experts in Essex, we know the importance of tackling any pest infestations in the food industry swiftly and discreetly for health and safety reasons.

Pest Control Braintree – Click here to find out more about domestic and commercial pest control services in Essex.

Pest Control in Chelmsford, Essex

Chelmsford in the London commuter area is Essex’s only city with an expanding population of 112,000 and a workforce of 80,000 (many of whom live outside the town). It is very much a commercial city with a number of national and international companies based here such as e2v Technologies and M&G group.

As Chelmsford is an important centre of employment in Essex, we understand how important it is for businesses to keep their buildings free from pests to maintain their reputation.

Pest Control Chelmsford – Click here to find out more about our services in Essex including competitively priced pest control services for complete peace of mind.

Pest Control in Witham, Essex

In addition to its town centre offices, Witham has a number of industrial areas which are home to around 300 businesses and these include Freebournes Industrial Estate (including Waterside Business Park) and Eastways.

We offer competitively priced pest control contracts, which include preventative measures, risk assessments and ongoing monitoring for complete peace of mind, plus free callouts on pests covered.

Pest Control Witham – Click here to find out about pest control in Witham, Essex.

Pest Control in Manningtree, Essex

With a population of just 1,000 people, Manningtree is considered the smallest town in England and is surrounded by agricultural areas.

As well as providing services for homes and businesses, Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions also offer pest control for agricultural organisations including equestrian establishments, poultry farms, and food stores.

Pest Control Manningtree – Click here to find out more about our services to farms and related industries in the Manningtree area.

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