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Carpet Beetle Pest Control

carpet beetle pest control

Carpet Beetle Pest Control, Removal & extermination

Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions offer a full range of pest extermination services to domestic and commercial clients in Suffolk and Essex. If you have a pest problem with carpet beetles our fully qualified, CRB checked pest control operatives can assist you in a fast and effective carpet beetle pest control. Our specialist cleaning and decontamination service will remove carpet beetles or other pests and we will put pest control measures in place, to ensure that they do not return. Our carpet beetle pest control service is always discreet and if required we turn up in unmarked vehicles.

Emergency same-day carpet beetle pest control appointments are available on request.

About Carpet Beetles

The larvae of the carpet beetle (Anthrenus verbasci), also known as woolly bears, can cause extensive damage throughout the home as they feed on the natural fibres in carpets, curtains, clothing and fabrics. Silk skirts, natural wool suits and wool-based carpets can all be ruined by this young pest.

In its larval form, the carpet beetle measures roughly 4-5 mm in length. Its body is hairy and covered in light and dark-brown stripes. Usually wider at the back than at the front, it has 3 pairs of tufts along its rear abdomen for use in self-defence.

Adults range from 1.7 mm to 3.5 mm in length. Their top side is scaled in two colours, white-brown and yellow-brown and they have developed segmented antennae.

The life cycle of carpet beetles

Unusually for an insect, the carpet beetle can take between 1 and 3 years to change from its larval stage into an adult, depending on its environmental conditions. This gives the carpet beetle a long time in which to wreak havoc on your fabrics, carpets and furnishings.

Hatching in spring and early summer, they feed on natural fibres until they enter a period of dormancy which comes immediately prior to pupation.

On their emergence from May to August, they cease to be a problem as their diet has changed. They have developed a taste for nectar and fly off in search of flowers to pollinate.

Carpet Beetle Treatment

Carpet beetle problems can be treated relatively simple as long as the infestation is identified early enough. Abandoned birds’ nests are a common source of the problem. The pest can then make its way inside into areas such as warm linen cupboards. These can be treated with a residual insecticide which is usually very effective in conjunction with regular vacuuming, dry cleaning and airing clothing.

When treating carpet beetles we endeavour to use the most environmentally friendly products. Customers will need to vacate their property for a few hours while the treatment is carried out and any residual insecticide spray is allowed to dry.

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