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Cluster Fly Season is the Autumn!

Cluster Fly Season

Autumn has arrived and with that comes the cluster fly season. From now through to spring, cluster flies will be causing problems for homes all over Essex and Suffolk.

As the weather becomes cooler, cluster flies will be in search of a loft space/void where they can hibernate for the winter. They come in their hundreds or thousands and set up home in your loft. Although they pose no threat to human health, no-one wants to share their home with hundreds of flies. Quite often once cluster flies have chosen your home as a place to rest over winter, they will return year after year.

We get lots of reports of flies coming through light fittings into the rooms below and they often congregate around upper floor windows. You would be surprised at the small gaps a fly can squeeze through.

A lot of people won’t even know they have cluster flies as a lot of the time they stay out of sight however, if they are disturbed, they will swarm. Telltale signs you have an issue with cluster flies at your property are a sickly smell, lots of flies around windows and fly faeces on your window frames.

To treat cluster flies, we use a machine called a ULV. This specialist machine sends tiny droplets of insecticide into the cavity affected. The insecticide will then hang in the air for around an hour getting into all the cracks and crevices. Any flies that come into contact within that time will die. If you also have flies around your upper floor windows, we can spray insecticide to get rid of them too.

We have lots more information about fly pest control on our website.