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Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers.

After moving into a new home we found out that the place had a flea problem! Essex and Suffolk pest solutions where a real God send. The information provided about the process was clear and easy to understand, they proved themselves to be reliable, trust worthy and pleasant to deal with. The technician arrived on time and, after his second scheduled visit had completely eradicated the pesky little critters. We are now bug free, and very happy!

Tyler Southgate

Professional, friendly and efficient service. Installed bird spikes on TV aerial to protect patio from pigeons. Would definitely recommend and use again if needed.

Nigel P

Friendly and efficient. I will definitely use again and recommend.

Jonathan Blyth

Good service as always from Essex & Suffolk. I spoke to Mandie who kindly checked my details on the system and got an appt in 48 hrs. We have called them out twice to our property. Once last year and Owen attended he was friendly and thorough. Explained everything that he had done clearly and took on board the fact we had small children and animals. We only needed one treatment and we never saw an ant again all summer. Second time this year, Steve Wilson attended and like Owen he was very nice and placed gel around the house very quickly. Its only been a few weeks but so far so good. Really happy with this company and would definitely recommend.

Joanne Foucault

We had a possible problem with mice in our loft space. Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions were courteous and most efficient in their response. Your technician called on two occasions and left no mess and was very careful in terms of his covid-19 precautions. He also resolved the problem. We would not hesitate to use you again. John & Anne

John Pickering

Brilliant service. Arranged a visit for the next day and arrived for each appointment exactly when they said they would. Sorted the issue professionally. Customer service is first class. Couldn't recommend more highly.


Excellent service - happy to recommend. Very responsive and good communication when high winds lead to a delay in being able to undertake the work. Bird spikes installed perfectly.

Nick Hill

We were at our wits end with pigeons that had decided to nest under our solar panels and the resulting mess that followed. I telephoned the Company who were incredibly helpful. The quote was with us very quickly and they helped us find the scaffold we needed. The task was undertaken really quickly and without fuss or mess. Well done!

Steve Runnacles

Had an issues with big and plentiful mole hills near Saxmundham, Suffolk. Very quick response - came the next day after calling. Love the fact that they only chrage you if they catch. Took a while to catch but they didn't give up! Caught 3 large moles and not had any issues since. Would highly recommend. Excellent service and very good value.

Scott Flint

I am very pleased with the service of this local company. They dealt with the urgent problem very professionally and efficiently. I phoned the office in the morning and Owen attended the site in the afternoon. He was very knowledgeable, polite and thorough. He solved the problem and gave advice for the future. The charges were fair and reasonable. I will certainly use their services again and recommend them highly. Thank you, ESPS, for your rapid response and fantastic work.

Elena Klenova-Vince

They're a local company that responds quickly to calls for their services to eradicate all sorts of pests that come as part and parcel of rural living. Their staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Their workmanship is clean and efficient and they clearly bring a lot of experience to the job. They are keen to offer their advice on dealing with any infestation and give ideas to help to ensure that the chance of any recurrence is kept to a minimum.
We've used their services on several occasions and they will be our first port of call should we need pest control in the future.

Andy Barkley

Carpet Beetles in Copford, Essex Apologies for the lengthy review but there is a lot to be said about this company, and how in comparison to other so-called pest control professionals they are unquestionably the ONLY reliable and trustworthy company to use.

I contacted Essex and Suffolk Pest solutions after having three other companies local to Colchester come and treat our house for carpet beetles. Despite all of the previous treatments I was still seeing them in the house and I was being driven to despair!

I spoke to Mandie on the telephone. She was so helpful and understanding of my obsession to be rid of these bugs. If she did think I was mad she certainly didn't show it in her tone and responses (thank you Mandie).

For the first time I was asked to collect a sample for confirmation that the bugs were carpet beetles. I began to wonder why the other three companies hadn't done the same. I was also asked to provide the reports from the other treatments we had. Only one of the three companies had provided a report. I now know that a report has to be provided and would call into question the professionalism of these so-called pest control professionals i had used previously.

After a short while Mandie confirmed they were carpet beetles and explained the course of treatment. Mandie explained that we would need two treatments in order to break the cycle of the beetles. I was pleased when she said this as I had done much research on the Internet and had read that this would be necessary. The previous companies we had used had told me we wouldn't require a second treatment -and when contacting two of these companies when it was evident their treatment hadn't worked I never received a response. Hence why I had to approach E&S Pest Solutions.

I discussed with Mandie that the only place that hadn't been checked or treated was the loft. I had spoken about this to the most recent company who had been in to treat but I was told it was unlikely and didn't need to be inspected or treated. It was agreed by E&S Pest Control that the loft SHOULD be inspected. I had turned the house upside down and was never able to find a source.

On arrival the lovely chap treating our house inspected the loft. He found an old birds nest which looked like it had been ravaged. He took a photo and showed me what he had found and advised that we needed to have the loft treated. I was so relieved he had finally found the probable cause of the carpet beetle infestation.

I would like to highlight that on previous treatments, only the edges of the carpet were sprayed. E&S Pest Solutions wanted as much floor space freed up so they could spray as much of the floor as possible. I have since been advised that spraying just the edges was always unlikely to solve the problem. E&S Pest Solutions were incredibly thorough.

They were also very insistent about us being out of the house until the spray had dried, and to air the house when we returned. The previous companies I used told me to stay out of the house for a few hours only. I was returning to the floors still being wet and didn't know that I should have been leaving again. Two of the companies even allowed me to remain in the house whilst they sprayed the upstairs. I now know that this should NEVER be allowed and that actually it is potentially very damaging to your health if inhaled.

We had our second treatment about two weeks ago, and I have not seen any carpet beetles in the house at all! I am certain that we have finally found a company who actually know what they are doing! For the first time after a treatment I am not seeing live carpet beetle larvae. I am confident now that it will remain this way.

This company really is the best pest control specialist covering this area - and I would know.... I have tried a few. I wish I had found them in the first instance and cannot stress enough, to save yourself your time, money and sanity, just use this wonderful company. They are friendly, helpful and simply brilliant!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all at E&S Pest Solutions. You really don't know how grateful I am.

Rebecca Greene