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Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Carpet Beetles in Copford, Essex Apologies for the lengthy review but there is a lot to be said about this company, and how in comparison to other so-called pest control professionals they are unquestionably the ONLY reliable and trustworthy company to use.

I contacted Essex and Suffolk Pest solutions after having three other companies local to Colchester come and treat our house for carpet beetles. Despite all of the previous treatments I was still seeing them in the house and I was being driven to despair!

I spoke to Mandie on the telephone. She was so helpful and understanding of my obsession to be rid of these bugs. If she did think I was mad she certainly didn't show it in her tone and responses (thank you Mandie).

For the first time I was asked to collect a sample for confirmation that the bugs were carpet beetles. I began to wonder why the other three companies hadn't done the same. I was also asked to provide the reports from the other treatments we had. Only one of the three companies had provided a report. I now know that a report has to be provided and would call into question the professionalism of these so-called pest control professionals i had used previously.

After a short while Mandie confirmed they were carpet beetles and explained the course of treatment. Mandie explained that we would need two treatments in order to break the cycle of the beetles. I was pleased when she said this as I had done much research on the Internet and had read that this would be necessary. The previous companies we had used had told me we wouldn't require a second treatment -and when contacting two of these companies when it was evident their treatment hadn't worked I never received a response. Hence why I had to approach E&S Pest Solutions.

I discussed with Mandie that the only place that hadn't been checked or treated was the loft. I had spoken about this to the most recent company who had been in to treat but I was told it was unlikely and didn't need to be inspected or treated. It was agreed by E&S Pest Control that the loft SHOULD be inspected. I had turned the house upside down and was never able to find a source.

On arrival the lovely chap treating our house inspected the loft. He found an old birds nest which looked like it had been ravaged. He took a photo and showed me what he had found and advised that we needed to have the loft treated. I was so relieved he had finally found the probable cause of the carpet beetle infestation.

I would like to highlight that on previous treatments, only the edges of the carpet were sprayed. E&S Pest Solutions wanted as much floor space freed up so they could spray as much of the floor as possible. I have since been advised that spraying just the edges was always unlikely to solve the problem. E&S Pest Solutions were incredibly thorough.

They were also very insistent about us being out of the house until the spray had dried, and to air the house when we returned. The previous companies I used told me to stay out of the house for a few hours only. I was returning to the floors still being wet and didn't know that I should have been leaving again. Two of the companies even allowed me to remain in the house whilst they sprayed the upstairs. I now know that this should NEVER be allowed and that actually it is potentially very damaging to your health if inhaled.

We had our second treatment about two weeks ago, and I have not seen any carpet beetles in the house at all! I am certain that we have finally found a company who actually know what they are doing! For the first time after a treatment I am not seeing live carpet beetle larvae. I am confident now that it will remain this way.

This company really is the best pest control specialist covering this area - and I would know.... I have tried a few. I wish I had found them in the first instance and cannot stress enough, to save yourself your time, money and sanity, just use this wonderful company. They are friendly, helpful and simply brilliant!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all at E&S Pest Solutions. You really don't know how grateful I am.

Rebecca Greene

Highly recommended, had a wasp nest in our place in Holbrook, very professionally handled with concern for our neighbours' pets/open windows so all in all a really decent service. Plus free call out within 48hrs if the post comes back - no chance with ours, all gone in an hour! Thank you all so very much, superb service from start to finish.

James Cole

We had a wasp nest at our house in Capel St Mary; really impressed with the service provided, both in booking the treatment and having the work done, so efficient, easy and friendly.

David Beck

Wasps in the Attic – in East Bergholt - We recently had a major problem of wasps in the attic. The nest was positioned in an awkward area and access was very difficult.

We were delighted with the calm, safe and efficient way that Owen approached the challenge with immediate results.
Thank you.


Great Service - Called in the evening upon discovery of Hornets nest, Essex & Suffolk Pest were with me by midday the next day - We were thoroughly advised prior to the treatment being carried out and had a full and clear understanding - The treatment was quickly administered and within 45mins we noticed the difference! - True Professionals - Would not hesitate to use again or to recommend - Thank you for a NO NONSENSE SUPERB SERVICE - Laetitia

Laetitia Davey

Great friendly & efficient service. Highly recommend

Charlotte Berridge

I had a problem with wasps at my home in Woodbridge, Suffolk. I rang Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions and within 3 hours, a very nice man called Steve came round and sorted it all out. The price was extremely reasonable and their service was efficient and highly professional. Mandie, the woman who took my call, was impressively reassuring - I am terrified of wasps and she did an excellent job of calming me down! I would highly recommend Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions.

Camilla Gallop

Very, very pleased with Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions. We have been using them for a little over a year now, and it's been worth every penny.

The guys who come round are always knowledgeable and effective as well as friendly and tidy, and they have also always been able to work around our irregular schedule. We appreciate it.

We absolutely recommend their services.

Rogue Snowman

Absolutely fantastic company and I echo what other people have said that family business's just seem to offer so much better service. We used them twice (for 2 different issues) after someone recommended them to a friend via instagram. The people at the office were an absolute pleasure to deal with, so polite and helpful and the guys that came out to do the work turned up exactly as they promised, carried the work out to get rid of the wasps we had and the treatment worked perfectly. I would highly recommend pest solutions to anyone, we would never use anyone else now, literally the closest thing I have seen so far to a perfect company.

Jim C

received an e-mail detailing terms and conditions and a quote for dealing with the problem. I accepted the quote and a date was agreed for an operative to visit. Nick came and explained details of the treatment. He then carried out the treatment and we left the house for a couple of hours to let the insecticide settle. Entered the loft a couple of days later and found the treatment had been successful. After a week or so I received an enquiry from Essex & Suffolk asking whether I was happy with the treatment. I said I was extremely happy and so only then did I receive an invoice, which I was happy to pay. I was most impressed withe way this firm operates and would recommend it to my neighbours and friends.

Nigel Coleman

I Recently had serious and potential dangerous issue with wasps .. i called Essex and Suffolk solutions firstly for advise and then followed it up with a call out . it was handled very quickly and supportively , which i appreciated because i was rather stressed about it . Amy and Mandi were really sweet understanding on the phone and Nick was very understanding when the site of the wasps was difficult to get too . The cost of the call out was very reasonable and i cannot praise this company enough as they all put me at ease . i highly recommend that if you have issue with any type of pest give them a call you will be very pleased you did , it really is worth the peace of mind ..

Chrissy Collins

A customer of ours had an infestation of bed bugs in their trucks. We couldn't be happier with the service provided by Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions, not only did they provide us with much needed information about how to deal with the issue, they were flexible and understanding of the fact the vehicles still needed to be used so was able to work around our customer, Has been a pleasure working with Mandie who is just lovely. Thank you so much for all your help.