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Solar Panel Birdproofing

Here at Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions we offer a number of different services, one of those being bird prevention & control and solar panel proofing. We get a lot of calls regarding bird proofing of solar panels. Often pigeons nest underneath solar panels and with that they bring mess

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The wasps are on their way

As a long running pest control business operating across Essex and Suffolk, we know all to well that wasp season is imminent. This time of year sees thousands of wasps emerge from their nests. Here at Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions, we deal with hundreds of wasp nests a year

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Pest Control Stowmarket

Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions provide top-quality pest control services in Stowmarket, one of Suffolk’s fastest-growing towns. Ideally located in the heart of the county, with excellent transport links, Stowmarket is poised to get even larger, with several sites in and around the town earmarked for commercial development. Our services

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Wasp Nest in Yoxford, Saxmundham, Suffolk

This wasp nest has been reported by one of our commercial pest control customers near Saxmundham in Suffolk.  Isn’t it beautiful!

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