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Don’t Get Stung By Rogue Pest Controllers

Rogue Pest Controllers

Experts warn ‘Don’t get stung by rogue pest controllers’

Homeowners searching for help to get rid of wasps nests this summer are being urged to avoid a costly sting in the tail by rogue pest controllers.  Industry experts say reports of unqualified pest controllers charging hefty prices for jobs often left half-finished are all too common.  They are warning householders to tread carefully and say only by using professional technicians can residents be sure nests are properly removed for a fee that represents value for money.
“We’ve heard a number of reports of people having to pay way over the odds to have a wasps nest dealt with. But if people entrust their pest control to unqualified part-timers or rogue traders, they’re leaving themselves open to problems like that.  By using technicians who are experts in their field they can be certain the job will be done properly and they won’t have to pay through the nose.”

Wasp Pest Control Advice

Wasps begin building a new nest in spring and can expand their numbers to a peak of around 2000 by late August, so it’s best to remove it earlier in the summer when the colony is smaller and the wasps are less aggressive.  But it’s a job that should always be left to the pest control professionals.
“Wasps feel threatened and are likely to become aggressive if their nest is tampered with, so householders attempting their own removal
are dicing with danger.  A mature nest can contain thousands of wasps so it’s really not worth the risk.  A professional technician will provide an effective solution that keeps everyone safe, so I’d advise anyone who finds a nest to call in the experts.”
Fully trained and NPTA accredited professionals are obliged to stay up to date with the latest products, techniques and legislation.  They will give the best pest control advice as well as safe, effective and legal treatment to destroy wasps nests and every other pest infestation.
Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions are experienced in domestic pest control and commercial pest control offering services such as wasp nest removal and wasp prevention. Contact us today for more information about our pest control services.