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Dealing with Rodents, A Year-Round Problem

Dealing with Rats & Mice in Suffolk & Essex

Dealing with Rats & Mice all year

Although winter is the prime time of year for an infestation of rodents, mice and rats can cause damage during the summer too, so home and business owners need to be constantly on their guard. Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions are the people to contact if you have an unwanted invasion of these pests. We have many years of experience in dealing with rats & mice in Witham, Harwich, Colchester, Ipswich and across the Essex & Suffolk. We use discreet, unmarked vans to protect your reputation.

Here we look at dealing with rats and mice and why rats and mice are an all-year-round problem and look at a few of the simple ways in which you can safeguard your home in summer as well as winter.

Winter Warning Signs

Generally, rodents cause problems in the colder months as the temperature drops and their sources of food become scarcer. They move into offices, homes and outbuildings in search of warmth, shelter and a new food supply.

This means that winter is when you are more likely to see the tell-tale signs of a rodent presence, such as such as mouse or rat droppings, gnawed electrical cables and chewed packaging.

If you like to feed birds in your garden, then you could also be contributing to the problem.  Rodents can find a high-protein, regular source of food at or near nesting tables and set up home nearby. Don’t make it easy for any rats or mice – make sure the food table is high up rather than close to the ground.

Make sure you have good hygiene practices in place when it comes to your bins and bin bags. Rodents have been known to raid these, particularly in the colder months, if they have been left in an exposed or accessible location.

Summer Safeguards

Remember that rats and mice are always on the lookout for food and water. They will find plenty of this in your garden in the summer, and not just in your fruit and vegetable patch. Barbeques, alfresco dining, bowls of water left for pets and paddling pools are all potential sources of nutrition for rodents.

If you have been eating outdoors, make sure you clear everything away and don’t leave too many crumbs on the ground. In the case of water, cover it up, throw it away or take it in at night. What starts as an outdoor rodent problem can quickly become an indoor one, particularly if there is a trail of food or water, or you have left windows and doors open because of the heat.

A Whole Lot of Trouble

Mice can get into 1cm holes in buildings at any time of year, making it quite difficult to make homes or offices rodent-proof.

Rats need larger holes up to 2.5cms (1in). However, these can often be found in the sewers or other utility pipework of older properties. These points of entry can sometimes be under the building’s foundations and may be difficult or impossible to spot, particularly if the house or office is in a terrace or block. These types of rodent problems are all-year-round issues.

A Year-Round Breeding Cycle

The commonest rat in the UK, the Brown Rat, can breed all year round. The female can produce as many as five litters a year if the conditions are right, with eight babies per litter.

The Common House Mouse is the most frequent rodent pest in homes and businesses in the UK and is also a prolific breeder. The female can have up to six litters per year, with up to 16 babies in each, although a smaller number is commoner.

Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions, Dealing with Rats

At Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions we will provide fast, effective treatment of your rat or mouse problem, throughout the year.

With mice, because they feed little and often, we will put down large numbers of anti-coagulant baits in different locations. These will often be in tamper-proof stations, which protects humans and other animals. However, we will carry out a site-specific risk assessment first to come up with a course of action which is tailored to your individual problem, and safety is our top priority.

We will also make recommendations about where you can make your office or home rodent-proof.

As with mice, we usually find that three visits are necessary to completely eradicate a rat problem. This is partly because rats can increase their rate of breeding as others are killed.  Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions can also offer rat-proofing advice, such as removing vegetation which might be the location of their nest or lair.

All our pest control operatives are trained or working towards BPCA RSPH level 2 (Pest Management) and are CRB/DBS checked.

So if you have a rodent problem in Witham, Colchester, Ipswich, Stowmarket and any other locations across Suffolk and Essex, contact our rat pest control and mice pest control specialists. Learn more about our domestic pest control and commercial pest control services.