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Birds Nesting Under Solar Panels

Birds Nesting Under Solar Panels

There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of birdsong when you are out for a stroll in the countryside. But it’s quite the opposite when you’ve woken up to a dawn chorus coming from your rooftop; even less so when the sound emanates from under your newly installed solar panels and birds nesting under solar panels.

The number of homes powered by solar power energy has rocketed in the UK and almost doubled in 2014 alone, thanks to a government-backed energy saving funding scheme. The scheme means qualifying homeowners can generate free solar energy without paying for their solar panels in advance.

….but like all great schemes, there is a downside.

The increase in solar power in Essex and Suffolk has gone hand in hand with the rise in pigeons nesting under solar panels, much to the frustration of property owners. However, there are several ways professional bird pest control companies such as Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions can tackle the problem of birds nesting under solar panels with solar panel pigeon removal and bird proofing solar panels.

pigeon nesting under solar panels


Why do pigeons nest under solar panels?

Pigeons and other smaller birds nestle under solar panels for two reasons: they like the warmth from the lingering heat in the panels, and they see it as a safe place to shelter, away from predators and close enough to food sources.

Why is it a problem?

This creates a serious bird pest problem for homeowners for several reasons:

  • Noise – No one likes to be woken up early by a dawn chorus, and as some properties attract a dozen or more pigeons at a time this can prove extremely irritating for homeowners.
  • Insects – A host of insect types infest nests, which can then invade your home, especially when young pigeons fledge.
  • Excrement – A flock of birds on the roof, means an awful lot of bird droppings, which can hold up rainwater on the roof, leading to possible water ingress.
  • Danger – The nesting material left under the panels can create a potential fire hazard in the summer months, putting home owners and neighbouring properties at risk.

how to get rid of pigeons under solar panels

Can I tackle this bird pest problem myself?

While there are ways that you can tackle this problem yourself, such as attaching a plastic bird of prey to the roof, this method is not always effective so it is likely that the pigeons will continue to be a problem.

Not only this, but bird proofing can be extremely dangerous to install, and unless you have the right safety equipment it is simply not worth the risk. Instead, the best bet is to call on the services of professional pest control companies, such as Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions, who follow the right health and safety procedures and can eradicate the problem in the quickest, most environmentally-friendly way.

Bird proofing solar panels

The problem of birds nesting under or between solar panels can be resolved in two main ways. We can clip wire mesh to the outer edge of your panels which acts as barrier to keep the pigeons out, or we can place spikes along the edge of the panels which not only creates an impenetrable barrier, but also prevents pigeons nesting as it no longer gives them a comfortable place to settle.

solar panel pigeon removal

A few things need to be done before the solar panels are pigeon-proofed to ensure an effective solution. The first step is to remove all the birds from under the solar panels first, as well as any dead pigeons and nesting materials.

If relevant, we will also remove bird-droppings from the gutter, and ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

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