The wasps are on their way

As a long running pest control business operating across Essex and Suffolk, we know all to well that wasp season is imminent. This time of year sees thousands of wasps emerge from their nests. Here at Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions, we deal with hundreds of wasp nests a year offering a guaranteed clearance treatment. Already this year we have successfully treated over 20 wasp nests and the season hasn’t kicked off yet.

We travel across Colchester, Chelmsford, Ipswich, Newmarket and all of the surrounding towns and villages across Essex and Suffolk to eradicate wasp nests big and small.

Although small, wasps can cause a real problem and when the weather is warm, we know you want to be out enjoying your barbecue without being hounded by wasps. Whether you have a nest in the garden or inside the house, we can always treat it and the wasps will be gone.

If you see wasps going in and out of your property in the same location such as in soffits, air bricks or under tiles around the guttering it is likely you have a nest. If you are getting bothered by wasps it is worth having a look around your property and outbuildings to look for any signs.



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