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The Annoying Buzz of Summer

Through their stinging and generally annoying behaviour, wasps manage to earn themselves a pretty bad press, but it is important to remember that they are a vital part of your garden’s natural balance.  They feed on small insects that might otherwise wreak havoc amongst your plants.

That said, having a garden full of wasps is no fun for anyone so, to encourage your wasps to go elsewhere follow these simple tips:
·        Ensure that dustbins have tight-fitting lids, and keep them closed!
·        Keep food and drinks covered
·        Pack away unfinished foods, clear up food debris and wipe down spillages
·        Clear fallen fruit from your garden
·        A professional pest controller can advise on the effective use of outdoor wasp traps
·        If you think you have a wasp nest in your home or garden arrange to have it removed professionally before it becomes a nuisance

And what not to do!

Wasp venom contains an alarm pheromone.  This means that when a wasp has stung something or been killed, other wasps will become more aggressive.  So remember, there may be a ‘sting in the tail’ for you upon pelting that pesky wasp with your rolled-up newspaper!

Pest Control Ipswich  Click here for more information about how Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions can help with wasp prevention and professional wasp nest removal.