Solar Panel Proofing in Clacton

The pigeons are keeping us busy!

We have just completed another bird proofing job for one of our regular customers, this time in Clacton, Essex. This was a slightly different job for us as this customer actually had bird proofing in place already. Unfortunately, the chosen method in this instance wasn’t working and the birds were still able to land, get under the panels and make a mess. As you can see from the photos below, the old proofing was spikes and brush which hasn’t been effective for this customer.

To rectify the problem, we removed all of the current bird proofing and gave the whole area a really thorough clean with biocide to remove all traces of guano. We then went ahead and fitted wire mesh all the way round the solar panels and secured it in place with our specialist clips. Not only does this look neater and tidier, it will be much more effective at keeping pigeons and other birds away.

See the photos below to show the difference it has made.

Here are the before photos:



And here are the after photos:



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