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Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions offer a variety of pest control and elimination services including rat control - Suffolk and Essex - for homes, businesses, restaurants, food outlets, warehouses and agricultural organisations. Our pest control services are very discreet and we use unmarked vehicles if required for rat control, Essex and Suffolk. We provide a very swift and efficient service with same day emergency call outs if necessary.
In addition to our domestic rat control service, we also offer commercial contracts to provide complete peace of mind and to prevent any future rat outbreaks.
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Rat Control Essex and Suffolk: Domestic Rat Control

As the saying goes ' you are never too far away from a rat' and indeed there is a rise in the number of rats living in the UK, which is why it is so vital to have an effective rat control service for Suffolk and Essex.

Why Are Rats a Pest in Domestic Homes?

Rats are a health threat, as they can pass disease on to humans, which is why there is a need for domestic and commercial rat control in Essex and Suffolk.
The most common rat in the UK is the brown rat and most of our call-outs for rat control in Suffolk and Essex deals with this. They survive in sewers, buildings, streets and alleyways and will live almost anywhere humans do. Rats eat almost anything, including meat, fruit and vegetables, and can root through litter bins to get food or hunt for scraps left on kitchen floors.
It is hard to put an exact figure on the number of rats in the UK, but it is thought the rat population stands at around 80 million - a figure greater than the human population. This is not only attributed to their eating and living habits but also as a result of our mild climate, which means improved survival rates during the winter months. In addition, rats can produce up to five litters a year.
As the rat population is so high in the UK, there is a significant need for rat control in Suffolk and Essex.

How Are They Treated?

Once we receive a call for rat control we will first survey the property to find out the extent of the problem and where their lair is. We can either use anti-coagulant baits to eliminate the infestation, or in some circumstances we would trap and remove the rats.

How We Can Help

If you require domestic rat control in Suffolk and Essex contact us immediately on 01473-328092.
We use the most environmentally friendly products for rat control in Essex and Suffolk. In addition to our treatment services, we also provide advice on how to prevent a repeat problem. Our service is very competitive and we can guarantee our work.
Rat Control Suffolk - contact us now for friendly, effective assistance

Commercial Rat Control

In addition to our domestic rat control, Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions provide a prompt and effectual commercial rat control service. Read on to find out more about this service.

Why are Rats a Pest for Commercial Organisations?

Rats are a pest because they can carry a number of bacterium and micro-organisms that can cause disease. As much as 50 percent of some populations of brown rats have been found to be carriers of the bacteria Coxiella Burnetii, which causes Q fever. This can cause flu like symptoms such as headaches, fever, nausea and diarrhoea and can result in life threatening acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Rats, including the black rat, can also carry Weils Disease, viral hemorrhagic fever, Salmonella and E-Coli.
A variety of businesses are at risk from a rat outbreak including refuse centres, farms, supermarkets, warehouses, factories, hotels, pubs, restaurants and food outlets. If a rat is found in a food related business it needs to be dealt with immediately for health and safety reasons.
A rat outbreak can cause a real threat to your business, including loss of reputation and possible closure, which is why you need help from the rat control experts at Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions.

How Are They Treated?

If you need rat control, Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions - in most cases - treat the rats with anti-coagulant baits, although, just like with our domestic service, we can also trap and remove them. To ensure the rat infestation has been completely wiped out, we would make at least three repeat visits to the business. This is because, once a large number of rats have been eliminated, any remaining rats will breed rapidly to counteract this.
Once we have dealt with the pests, we will advise you how to prevent another outbreak, including rat proofing buildings, and we will also advise on food storage and rubbish removal.

How Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions Can Help

We also offer a complete pest and rat control service for Suffolk and Essex businesses which includes specially made contracts tailored to suit your business. This involves continuous monitoring and prevention and includes on-site reports, risk assessments and surveys with recommendations to prevent any future infestations.
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