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Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions offer a full range of pest control services to domestic and commercial clients in Suffolk and Essex including the extermination of rats and mice. Our fast and effective rodent extermination service will eradicate rats from your home or business with the minimum of disruption. If required, emergency same day appointments can be provided.

Our pest control operatives are trained to at least BPCA RSPH Level 2 and are CRB checked. We can guarantee our work if required and also offer the option of arriving in unmarked vehicles. All services we provide are discreet and confidential.

About Rats

The most common rat in the UK and the one we are called out to deal with most regularly is the Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus). This rat, in common with most rats, including the Black Rat (Rattus rattus), is a carrier of multiple diseases including Weils Disease, E coli and Salmonella. Besides the obvious health implications, rats are a nuisance in buildings, causing extensive damage as they chew through woodwork and even electric wiring, leading to potential fire hazards.

The Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus), also known as the Common Rat, Sewer Rat, Hanover Rat, Norway Rat, Brown Norway Rat, Norwegian Rat and the Wharf Rat, is one of the best known and most common rats. It is generally accepted that the Common Rat came originally from northern China, but it has now spread to all parts of the globe except Antarctica, making it the second most successful mammal in the world after Human beings.

The life cycle of rats

Brown Rats can breed all year round and a female can produce 5 litters a year if conditions are right. This high rate of reproduction is facilitated by a very short gestation period of just 21 days. With litters of about 8 at a time, it is easy to see that rat numbers can swell very quickly.

Rats have a maximum life span of 3 years, although most of them won’t make it past one year due to the number of predators and amount of fighting that goes on.

Brown Rats live in large hierarchical groups, either in burrows or subsurface places such as sewers and cellars. When food is in short supply the rats lower in social order are the first to die.

The treatment of rats

A comprehensive survey is carried out to establish the extent of the rat infestation and to determine its source or the location of the lair. We will then treat the problem using anti-coagulant baits, although physical methods of trapping and removing can be used in certain circumstances.

Depending upon the scale of the infestation, it is recommended that we make at least three visits to the property to ensure that the infestation has been eliminated. This is necessary because if a large number of rats within any one single population is exterminated, the remaining rats will increase their reproductive rate to restore the old population.

When treating rat infestations, we endeavour to use the most environmentally friendly products. We will also give advice on how to prevent the problem returning including the rat proofing of buildings and the removal of any possible harbourages such as vegetation.

Rat Control – contact us now for friendly and effective assistance.

We work in the following locations: Ipswich, Felixstowe, Woodbridge, Framlingham, Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Colchester, Manningtree, Harwich, Clacton, Maldon, Chelmsford, Witham and Braintree. Work further afield may also be considered.

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We offer our professional pest control services in the following locations: Ipswich, Lowestoft, Felixstowe, Woodbridge, Framlingham, Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Colchester, Manningtree, Harwich, Romford, Southend-on-Sea, Brentwood, Clacton-on-sea, Maldon, Chelmsford, Basildon, Witham, Rochford, Billericay, Tendring, Ilford and Braintree. Work further afield in Essex and Suffolk may also be considered. Contact our professional pest control team for more information. Meanwhile, here are some of the most recent testimonials we have received for our professional pest control services.

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