Rodent Control – Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention is better than cure – that’s the message as far as rat control is concerned. New figures released by the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Campaign has shown that more and more farmers and game shoot organisers are opting for a

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Five Fascinating Facts About the Cluster Fly

Many homes and businesses are bothered by house flies over the summer months – but the cluster fly is a completely different problem. Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions offer high-quality fly control in Colchester, Clacton, Stowmarket, Felixstowe, and other towns

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Four Reasons Why It’s Important to Stop the Spread of Pigeons

Pigeons are sometimes known as flying rats – and not without reason. Some experts even believe their breeding and sanitary habits means they carry more diseases than rodents do. Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions are specialists in pigeon control in

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Five Unusual Facts About Rats

The old adage says that you are never more than six feet away from a rat – and while this may be an exaggeration, the current population of this destructive rodent has been estimated to be as high as 80million

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Why Rodents Are a Year-Round Problem

Although winter is the prime time of year for an infestation of rodents, mice and rats can cause damage during the summer too, so home and business owners need to be constantly on their guard. Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions

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The Battle Against Bed Bugs

Bed bugs might be small – adults are only 5.5mm long and 3mm wide – but they are a big problem. And it’s getting worse, as the hot summers we have recently been enjoying help to shorten the insect’s reproductive

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Do You Have a Mouse in Your House?

Autumn is prime time for mouse encounters. It’s getting cold outside, so in they come where it’s not only much warmer, but there’s also a plentiful supply of food and shelter. Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions specialise in mice control in

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Pest Control Measures in Schools

Pest Control Measures in Schools A top priority for any school should be keeping pests at bay. Children are more vulnerable to infection than adults, while outbreaks can lead to a closure of the premises, damaging both their education and

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The Brown Rat – A Growing Problem

Brown rats are the scourge of many farms, businesses and homes. They destroy property and carry diseases, making them one of the most dangerous of modern-day pests. Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions are specialists in rodent control in Clacton, Colchester,

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Food Manufacturer Pest Control

If you are a food manufacturer looking for expert pest control services tailored to your needs, locally-based Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions are the specialists to call. We recognise that fast, effective pest control is vital in the food manufacturing

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