Pest Control Articles

Don't let wasps ruin your summer!

Wasps can be a real nuisance in the summer months, spoiling barbecues and picnics and making you feel uneasy and wary when you are trying to relax in the garden. They are attracted by sweet smelling food and drink, perfumes, suntan lotion, hairspray and cosmetics as well as by certain colours like bright yellow and black. Some wasps feed on flower nectar so if you have a lot of flowers in your garden, you may find wasps are attracted to your home for that reason. Wasps also feed on other insects such as green fly and have even been known to feed on small birds. Read more . . .

Mole Control Suffolk and Essex

Call outs for mole control in Suffolk and Essex are on the rise as people struggle to get rid of these garden pests. The mole population is increasing throughout Britain. Although the exact figure is hard to determine, there is estimated to be around 40 million moles in Britain. Part of the rise in the population of moles across Britain is due to the 2006 ban on the use of strychnine, once a typical form of mole control in Essex and Suffolk that was used in fields and gardens up and down the country. Read more . . .

Rat Control Suffolk and Essex

Rats are a health threat, as they can pass disease on to humans, which is why there is a need for domestic and commercial rat control in Essex and Suffolk. The most common rat in the UK is the brown rat and most of our call-outs for rat control in Suffolk and Essex deals with this. They survive in sewers, buildings, streets and alleyways and will live almost anywhere humans do. Rats eat almost anything, including meat, fruit and vegetables, and can root through litter bins to get food or hunt for scraps left on kitchen floors. Read more . . .