Mole Pest Control in Suffolk & Essex

If you need mole control, Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions offer a wide range of pest control and pest extermination services including mole control - Suffolk and Essex - for homes, businesses and agricultural organisations.
Our service is very quick and effective and we remove moles and other pests with the minimum amount of disturbance. We also offer proactive pest control contracts for companies, which involve continuous monitoring to prevent any future pest infestations.
Mole Control Suffolk - contact us now for friendly, effective assistance

Mole Control Suffolk - contact us now for friendly, effective assistance

Call outs for mole control in Suffolk and Essex are on the rise as people struggle to get rid of these garden pests. The mole population is increasing throughout Britain. Although the exact figure is hard to determine, there is estimated to be around 40 million moles in Britain. Part of the rise in the population of moles across Britain is due to the 2006 ban on the use of strychnine, once a typical form of mole control in Essex and Suffolk that was used in fields and gardens up and down the country.
Another reason for the population growth was the outbreak of foot and mouth disease. This meant that many pest control services could not get out to the countryside to control the mole population. As a result moles are now popping up in gardens, fields and parkland and they can also be found in areas where they never used to be a problem such as grass verges, football pitches and bowling greens.

Mole Control Essex and Suffolk: Domestic and Commercial

If you have a mole infestation in your garden they can be very difficult to eliminate, so you need to call in the experts for mole control, such as Essex and Suffolk Pest Control. Moles are attracted by earthworms, which makes your garden an ideal hunting ground. They create a complex labyrinth of tunnels and then sit back and wait for their food. They have excellent hearing and have a highly developed sense of smell so they can identify a worm up to five metres away.

Why are Moles a Pest in Domestic Situations?

Moles are extremely destructive creatures, which is why mole control in Suffolk and Essex is so vital. These creatures burrow into the ground, damaging plant root systems and wrecking the appearance of pristine lawns.
They are incredibly difficult to catch because, once they feel a vibration or sense a different smell, they make a rapid retreat deep into their network, obstructing the tunnel as they go.

How Are They Treated?

For the reasons mentioned above, mole prevention is generally not something you can do yourself, as they are so hard to control.
You can use the traps sold in garden centres, but there is no guarantee these will be successful. Instead, you need to call in the experts for swift and effective treatment to stop mole infestations in your garden.
The usual method of mole control used by Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions is through special tunnel traps; however, and only when necessary, we can also use Phosphine: a toxic gas.

How Essex and Suffolk Pest Control Can Help

If your garden has been damaged by moles and you need mole control - Essex or Suffolk - just contact us on 01473 328092 and our team of experts will be happy to help. We offer very competitive prices and all our work can be guaranteed so you can have absolute confidence in all our pest control solutions.

Commercial Mole Control

At Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions, we offer an effective form of mole control in Suffolk and Essex for businesses, organisations and agriculture.

Why are Moles a Pest For Commercial Organisations?

The underground tunnels moles create vary in depth; some are not far from the surface and some are deep into the ground. They can damage the structure of fields and paddocks, which compromises the safety of horses, cattle and other livestock.
They can also ruin the appearance of fields and wreck crops. Some molehills are a foot high, which can cause problems for farm machinery.
Companies that would need mole control include farms, private homes, retirement homes, historic buildings, parklands and nurseries. Mole control, Suffolk and Essex, also covers school playing fields, football and rugby pitches and bowling greens.

How are They Treated?

Our mole control solutions for Essex and Suffolk businesses operate in exactly the same way as our domestic pest control. We use tunnel traps and, only when absolutely necessary, Phosphine gas.

How We Can Help

Suffolk and Essex Pest Control Solutions provide tailor made pest control contracts, which includes ongoing monitoring and pest control to prevent any future infestations. This means we can detect and prevent pests before they become a problem, which will save you money in the long run and protect your business' reputation.

Mole Control Essex - contact us now for friendly, effective assistance

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