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Effective Wasp Pest Control & Extermination

Wasps can be a major nuisance in the height of summer, and it is important to call in the professionals for wasp extermination in Ipswich, as getting rid of a nest is not something that is straightforward to do. The insects not only cause painful stings but can put some people at risk of anaphylaxis, a dangerous allergic reaction. It’s estimated that 1,000-plus people in the UK need hospital treatment every year because of various complications caused by stings, while hundreds of thousands require some kind of medical treatment, including over-the-counter creams.

Fortunately, at Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions, we are highly experienced in wasp extermination in the Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex areas and we not only offer effective wasp control, but we also guarantee our work.

Whether you have a wasp nest in your home or garden, or at your business premises, it is never advisable to get rid of these pests yourself as this can be extremely dangerous. A nest may contain vast numbers of wasps, so if someone without expert knowledge tries to remove it there is a risk of them suffering multiple stings, which makes an allergic reaction more likely. There are various safety issues to comply with so no one is put at risk, which is why it is important to call in the professionals.

Effective Wasp Nest Removal

Here are some of the methods we at Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions use for wasp nest removal, spotlighting the health and safety considerations that must be complied with in each case.

Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions are experienced in wasp nest removal. Click on the link above to find out more about our pest control services.

Insecticidal Dust – An insecticidal dust can be applied to the entrance of a nest. This will be picked up by wasps in the nest, or on their return, usually destroying all the insects within 24 hours. Wasps are often found in the roof space or eaves of a building, but health and safety regulations state any work should be carried out at ground height if possible, to prevent any accidents and injury from falls from ladders. So, in order to treat wasps in the roof space or eaves, we use a dust stick or extension lance. This makes it possible to treat the wasp nest from ground height, with air being blown up the stick to propel insecticide into the nest, without putting anyone at risk of injury or of breathing in the insecticidal dust. Another alternative is the use of a DR5, a small plastic tank which can be pressurised by a hand pump up to a max pressure of 3 bar. The pressure is released by a fogger, which blows the dust into cavities.

Spray Treatments – This method is used when immediate nest removal is necessary: in an area where the insects pose a risk to people. Examples are nests next to a footpath or playing field, in school grounds or in parkland. While carrying out removal by this method, Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions staff wear bee suits and veils together with full face masks, to protect them from the danger of stings and also prevent them from breathing in the pesticide or from the spray coming into contact with their eyes.

Effective Wasp Traps – Effective wasp traps are another way of getting rid of wasps, especially in pub gardens and other outdoor eating areas. It is important that, when wasps are trapped, they cannot escape, as this could create a small swarm around the trap. Ideally, traps should be sited between the nest and the site they are protecting. This is normally down-wind from the site, as wasps will tend to be drawn by the smell being blown to them.

For maximum effect, and to site the wasp traps in the right area, it is important to take advice from the experts. Essex & Suffolk Pest Solutions will start by taking a full survey and trying to find the wasp nest if possible to treat it. If not, we will advise on where the wasps are coming from and the number of traps required and site traps accordingly. We will also advise on hygiene – such as cleaning of tables, regular emptying of rubbish bins, which can act as a magnet for wasps, and removing waste. Tablecloths which can easily be removed may prevent food from becoming engrained in tables.

Health and Safety Considerations for Effective Wasp Extermination

There are various other considerations that pest control professionals must take into account when dealing with wasp extermination in Ipswich.

1) Full risk assessments are made before any wasp extermination is carried out. These take into account the following factors:

  • Ensuring that all pets and people have been excluded from the area.
  • The risk to fish – avoiding insecticide contamination of water.
  • Covering or removal of any foodstuffs.
  • Disconnecting water butts.
  • Checking the wind direction, as insecticide can drift. Shut windows and doors.
  • Extra caution in confined spaces.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is required.
  • Use of ladders – we observe the Working at Heights regulations.
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) assessments of pesticide products used.

2)  As we are local we always know where the nearest hospital is when we visit clients, just in case of a staff emergency.

3) We have a policy that comes into effect when a pest controller is working alone.

4) We always wear the right clothing to protect staff from dangers of stings or breathing in pesticides.

5) All our operatives are fully qualified Pest Control Technicians with ongoing updating of technical knowledge through regular training courses etc.

6) We use up-to-date, state-of-the-art equipment, such as the DR5, which is useful as it forcefully blows insecticide into nests. This is especially helpful when nests are long and flat with multiple entrances, for instance, under roof tiles.

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