Controlling Rodents in Winter

Rodents can be a particular problem in the winter, and pest control experts are often called in to help Ipswich and Suffolk households and companies get rid of them. Some estimates suggest the number of rats in the UK could be as high as 80 million, and there are also millions of mice. Although these rodents are with us all year round, they often move into buildings when the weather gets colder and so can cause more of a health hazard then.

Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions are the experts in dealing with rodents and are called in by households and businesses in the Ipswich area, including food producers, warehouses and farms, to get rid of infestations and make their premises rodent-proof. We provide a same-day emergency response, and our operatives will use unmarked vans if required. Our company is highly experienced in pest control and we are also accredited members of the National Pest Technicians Association.

Pest Control Ipswich  – Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions are the experts in rat and mice elimination services in the Suffolk area. Click here to find out more about rodent control for homes and businesses.

Rodent-Proofing Your Home

In the winter, food sources for rodents may become increasingly scarce, as the crops are gone from the fields following the harvest. This encourages them to seek out new supplies, and means they are more likely to infest homes and businesses. The cold weather also leads to more mice moving into houses, while rats also go into buildings and people’s gardens.

There are a number of steps that can be taken to prevent rodent problems arising, such as making sure that bird food is placed on a table and not just on the ground and that any leftovers are cleared up. Food rubbish should also not be left outside in bags, where it can be an attraction for rats. Use of a rodent-proof composter, such as the Aerobin 400,  which we supply, is another good way to avoid attracting vermin and ensure that kitchen waste are disposed of safely, helping the garden rather than encouraging pests. Filling in any gaps in outbuildings so that rats can’t get in is another essential preventative measure.

However, if you do notice telltale signs of mice, such as droppings being left or electrical wires being chewed, or you suspect that there are rats in your outbuildings, then you need expert help. By calling in experts, you can be sure that you will get rid of the creatures properly and also that your home will be rodent-proofed so that they don’t come back. We offer an expert pest control service for homes in the Ipswich and Manningtree areas, which includes carrying out a full survey to find the extent of the problem, tackling the infestation and giving advice on how to prevent it recurring.

Tackling Rodent Problems for Businesses
It isn’t just homes that have problems with rodents in the winter, they are also a greater threat to businesses at this time of year, as they seek food and a place to shelter from the cold. Rats carry a host of diseases including Weil’s Disease, E.Coli and Salmonella, as well as parasites and viruses, while mice also pose health hazards, carrying infection and contaminating foodstuffs. Vermin can seriously damage your business and your reputation, as well as posing a threat to your staff and customers’ health. So it is important to tackle them quickly, as soon as you realise that there is a problem.

Warehouses and Factories: Rats and mice are often attracted by the space, with plenty of corners where they can hide away, and the availability of food in these areas, particularly in winter. There is a danger that rodents can contaminate products and harm a supply chain, leading to a loss of customers, or to the plant being hit by closure on health grounds.

Food Firms, Supermarkets and Caterers: These types of business are especially attractive to rodents because of the large supply of food. Any contamination of food products by rodents obviously has serious implications for public health and could also lead to supplies having to be thrown out, or even the closure of a business.

Farms: Cold weather tends to drive rats into farm buildings in large numbers, as they come out of the fields after the crops have gone. These pests are a problem on both arable and livestock farms. It’s estimated that a single rat can eat as much as 30g of grain in a day, meaning a loss to the business in itself as well as the contagion. For all these reasons, action is vital at this time of year to get rid of the pests and prevent them coming back.

Schools: Rodents can spread disease if they get into school grounds or premises, causing a health hazard to staff and pupils and even leading to the school having to be closed down. They also cause damage such as chewing through wiring. It is clearly vital that youngsters are protected from these risks.

Offices: Many offices have outbuildings which can harbour vermin, but they can also move into the main buildings. If they damage equipment, this can lead to industrial accidents as well as again posing a health hazard.

Essex and Suffolk Pest Solutions offer businesses a commercial service, issuing contracts for peace of mind, and will come out quickly if a problem occurs. We understand the priorities of businesses and will ensure that pests are dealt with thoroughly and discreetly.

Essex & Suffolk Pest Control Solutions
As pest control experts based in Holbrook, near Ipswich, we serve customers in a wide surrounding area across Suffolk and Essex. We use the most environmentally-friendly and effective methods to deal with all kinds of pests, including rodents.

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